Are RV Accessories a Necessity?

If you walk around any campground in the nation you will see a variety of RV accessories. Some of these accessories add to the beauty of the RV; others add to the comfort of the RV; and some actually add to the value of the RV.

Those RV accessories that fall into the beautification category are things like a personalized name on the front, cute lawn figurines or flowers and the hanging whirly gigs that adorn almost every camp site. The RV accessories that add comfort are rocking lounge chairs, tables with drink holders, cooking stoves, portable fire pits and the like. RV Accessories that can add value to your RV are things like a new awning, stabilizers, wheel covers, netting around the awning, or a satellite dish mounted on the roof. There is one RV accessory that is not found in the campground that can add years of life to your RV and make any resale value hold for a longer period of time; that RV accessory is an RV cover that is installed whenever your RV is not in use.

There are thousands of full time RVer’s who would never have the need for a RV cover, but for the millions of the rest of us that are not yet able to camp full time, the RV cover can be the one RV accessory that is necessary for you to own. There are a lot of brands on the market, so finding the right one for you can sometimes be a challenge.

Coverking makes their own in-house textile from polyester which they say will protect against the weather anywhere in the country; “a material that reflects the Arizona sun, keeps the Florida rains off and blocks out the snow”. It has a silver coating on top to reflect the sun and a water resistant coating to keep rain and animal droppings for damaging the finish on the RV.

Classic offers their PolyX300 cover as weather resistant, breathable, stain-resistant and rip-resistant. They have an integrated air vent system that combines to reduce wind stress and vent internal moisture. This RV cover has front and rear tension panels and elasticized hem corners.

Expedition RV Covers are also made from polyester with the same protection as the other types of RV covers with the added feature of zippered panels allowing complete access to doors, as well as side and real panels. They fit regular and extra tall RVs.

There are different length warranties for the different types of RV covers. Make sure that you have a three year or better warranty. After you determine what features you especially like in a RV cover, make sure that you have properly measured to ensure that the RV cover will fit as you expect it to. Always measure from the rear bumper or spare tire, whichever is the farther out, to the longest point on the front of the RV. If you are measuring a travel trailer that has a hitch, do not include the hitch as part of the measurement. There are covers available for your propane tanks as a separate item.

The initial investment that you make on the purchase of this RV accessory can extend the life of your RV and give you years of pleasure as you travel and camp, or protect its resale value.

Droid 3 Accessories – The Frivolous and the Practical

Adding the right accessories to your smart phone, can vastly improve the experience of using the phone. The Motorola Droid 3 smartphone is no exception. There are a significant number of accessories for the Droid 3 manufactured by Motorola as well as many other vendors. These accessories are available from many online vendors as well as brick and mortar stores.

Droid 3 accessories range from the very practical or even necessary such as extra cables and screen protectors to the fun and frivolous such as neon colored cases and everything in-between.

The primary categories of accessories are cables, extra or extended batteries, headsets, cases, screen protectors, vehicle mounts and docking stations or cradles.

The cables include USB cables to connect the phone to your computer for syncing; AC charging cables; vehicle charging cables; and HDMI cables to connect your Droid 3 to the big screen for viewing photos, videos and even HD movies from the phone. The battery life of the Droid 3 is rather limited so keeping extra batteries or a means of charging nearby is an essential.

Holding your smartphone to your ear to listen to music and to make and receive phone calls is rather awkward and just not cool. Consequently, a good Bluetooth headset of some type is also nearly an essential. Even if you don’t believe extensive use of cell phones might cause cancer, most states prohibit driving while holding a phone to your ear. There is a large variety of headsets available, making the choice a matter of preference and budget. There are also a wide range of cases available from the whimsical to the heavy duty to really protect your Droid 3. Motorola sells a very nice vehicle mount designed specifically for the Droid 3. There are also numerous more generic vehicle mounts that can be adjusted for a variety of different phones. The quality and compatibility of these generic vehicle mounts vary widely.

One of the favorite accessories for the Droid 3 is the Motorola 89495N Droid 3 HD Dock with Rapid Wall Charger also known as the Droid 3 cradle. This device allows you to charge the phone while holding it at an angle perfect for viewing the screen. The Droid 3 cradle asks for your choice of media mode the first time the phone is placed in the cradle. You have a choice of bedside or desktop modes. When the bedside mode is chosen the Droid 3 becomes an alarm clock in addition to all of its normal functions. Desktop mode keeps your calendar, email and other often used programs ready for your use.

If you are looking for fun or practicality there are at least a few Droid 3 accessories that will fill your wants and desires.