Maintaining Your Machine

Bikes do not come cheap and the dealers who keep motorcycles for sale are sure to drain a lot from your pockets. Buying a bike and keeping it for life is a much better option than buying a new one time after time. Maintaining the bike you own can greatly reduce the probability of the need for a new machine. Here are some tips that are sure to help you increase the lifeline of your bike.

There is nothing better than a sleek and shiny motorcycle. Keep your bike clean. Give it a spit and polish every weekend. It will help you spot potential problems and erect them before they magnify.

Tyres are a key feature of your bike and keeping them in shape is crucial to handling your machine perfectly. Keep the pressures in check and regularly adjust them if you are carrying an extra passenger or some heavy luggage. Checking them for wear regularly is strongly advised.

The chain tension must be kept in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Keep it lubricated and keep a keen eye on the wear and tears on the sprocket. If they appear regularly, you might need to readjust your chain.

Cleaning you bike regularly will also keep you informed of the amount of wears that you break pads suffer. Make sure not to let them wear down beyond a specific limit or the pads will become scored, which is quite expensive to repair.

Finally, keeping your bike secure is the most important of things. After all, repairing a bike is far less expensive than buying a new bike altogether let alone the broken heart you will have if your bike gets stolen. Buy a lock and make sure it is Thatcham Approved or Sold Secure. Even Insurance companies may give you a discount if they are sure that your motorcycle is locked up securely.