A Pram Finder Can Save You Loads of Time and Money – Find a Safe Pram For Baby

After buying and selling 21 different prams, obviously for different reasons, I decided that ‘enough was enough’ and I was only going to have 2 prams in the house. (From time to time there have been up to 5 prams here at once – driving my better half almost crazy!)

The first pram was a 3 wheel jogger, but I didn’t realise being my first baby (& pram) that it wouldn’t take too long for my son to reach the 17kg weight capacity. I just thought it looked nice & seemed to drive well in the shop.

The second was an umbrella stroller that I bought so we could go on a plane & not be taking the big 3 wheeler on board. That one never steered straight – I really should have tested that out with my son in it. It seemed to have all the features I wanted, but spent at least 3 months back in the factory over it’s lifespan to try to get it to travel in a straight line.

The 3rd was a tandem (one seat in front of the other) and I probably would have kept that if my oldest had have stopped turning around and throwing things collected from supermarket shelves onto his new baby brother, because he thought it was funny to see the shocked reaction when said baby brother was fast asleep & being scared half to death!

Now, I could continue to bore you to tears about my 6 year pram finder career that has seen me spending more money than I can account for and using some less than safe prams for my poor little babies. But I won’t – LOL! I don’t know how much time I have spent surfing the internet reading pram reviews, or writing pram reviews of my own for that matter, but I do know I would have been far more productive had I been doing the housework.

I am pleased to tell you though that now I actually do have just 2 prams – a single and a double.

And I’m keeping them!